Looking for color? Every icon is available in 176 color options in the Custom Launcher Icons Android app.

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Have a look at just how much easier it is to apply icons to LauncherPro using Droidicon in this video on YouTube

How to apply icons

Right click (or long press) an icon and choose save image or save link as. Save the image to your SD card, preferably under a unique folder like Picture/launcherproicons. Or better yet, get the LauncherPro Icons app from the market to quickly download icons straight to your phone! Just scan or click the qr code to the right from your android. From your computer, check it out at bit.ly/getlpicons.

Then the next time you add a shortcut to your LauncherPro dock, choose custom icon, and pick your newly downloaded icon from the gallery.

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Want to contribute your work?

If you want to upload your icons here for everyone to enjoy, register for an account, and check the box next to Artist. If you have already signed up for an account, go to the contact form and send a note requesting artist account elevation.

NOTE: All icons must strictly follow these guidelines: all white (no gray or black), with negative space to separate regions, A drop shadow of 0px distance, 9% spread and 8px size, a white inner shadow of 1px distance, 0px spread and 0px size at 90 degrees, all set to 60% opacity. In effect, icons must match LauncherPro's original built-in icons. Please see the tutorials above for how to achieve this style.