Terms of Use


You agree that:

  • Any work you upload belongs to you. You may remove it at any time.
  • Your artwork may be distributed by any means LauncherPro Icons chooses to implement, including via the web site, Android applications (paid or unpaid), and as a part of a collection zip file.
  • LauncherPro Icons may not sell rights to or copies of your artwork.
  • LauncherPro Icons may profit from advertisements, donations, and app purchases in venues where your artwork is distributed

You understand that like such services as YouTube and Flickr, LauncherPro Icons is a content distributor, not a content creator.


You agree that:

  • You will download artwork only for use on your devices
  • You will not distribute any artwork without the express approval of the artist
  • You will not include any artwork in any product you create without the express approval of the artist